Tree Care FAQ'S

Frequently Asked Questions for marketing your tree care professional business.

We are not like other “marketing” companies. The team here at Arbormark starts by researching your competition and developing a strict plan to attain customers short term and long term. Our team then builds out the framework for your 100% custom website. We do not simply plug your logo and contact information into a template and press go. Our graphic and branding team utilizes their years of experience to hone your design based off your branding, logo, employees, goals and more!

Tree care companies like yours need a way to stand out from the countless other tree companies anyway they can. Starting with a fully custom branded tree care website not only is easy on the eyes but will build immediate trust and confidence in your company. You must put yourself in potential customers shoes. They are searching for the best company at the best price. To turn this potential into an actual customer you must answer any questions that that person may have about you and your company. Show your staff, equipment, building etc. In this time where digital & social media is king you must be willing to open up to your customers and showoff your business. Having a branded website not only looks amazing but will allow you to have a competitive advantage over your competition.

Being active and investing in your online presence is one of, if not the best way to get in-front of local customers for your tree care business. With so many searching from their mobile device and computers it’s fair to say you are losing money by not activating your digital presence. By 2021, mobile devices will influence more than $1.4 trillion in local sales. (Source: Forrester)

If you are not where your customers are then how do you expect to increase your revenue, win those big contracts and hire more staff to take on more business and grow to what you want your company to be? You must adapt or die. Look at retail locations such as Sears. They were one of the largest retail companies with revenues unheard of. They did not adapt to changes and failed. Now this maybe a far stretch the compare sears to your local tree care company but the lesson to learn here is you need to adapt. Adding more digital marketing and new advertising strategies in conjunction with traditional advertising is the golden ticket to having increased revenue, local dominance and revenue growth.

Having a central hub for all of your marketing and advertising analytics is key in being organized and keeping your potential customers on track. We have seen countless tree care companies juggling 2 or 3 websites built by a variety of different people & companies. Having one high quality BRANDED website is key in keeping track of marketing efforts as well as content, emails, quotes etc.

We track all clicks, calls, form submissions and more! This will allow you to know where your advertising dollars are going and where we need to adjust the campaigns budget or adjust our seo and content efforts..

With 93% of online experience beginning with a search engine having your website as close to the top is paramount in having a successful marketing strategy as well as being able to conform to digital marketing in almost all businesses.

Around 47% of consumers will view or interact with at least 3 pieces of content created by the company before talking with a salesperson or inputting contact information. Having proper and informational blogs, service pages and more all feed to that content and will better your chances of landing a new customer.

Besides having your site ranking on the first page we look at other KPI’s or key performance indicators. We setup your website with Google Analytics and Search Console so we can check out the traffic, bounce rate and more on your site. This allows us to check for any issues or “bad” pages that potential customers maybe visiting and quickly backing out of the site. We build your new tree care website with proper SEO in mind but we are always testing and tweaking to out finesse the competition.

With 75% of online searchers not clicking to the second page in the Google search results, this would be a great place to hide a dead body, but not so much your businesses website. Having a properly planned SEO strategy with on-page SEO, backlinking and constant updating is paramount in the success of your digital marketing strategy.

That’s the magic question. Back when the internet started taking off for businesses it was simple to rank on the first page. Keyword stuffing and having a mass quantity of content had you ranking a site in no time. After multiple years and updates after updates through Google it has become as hard as ever to rank your tree care website on the first page. You may have heard about many “black hat” tactics which would include buying links, tricking the search engines and tweaking your site in unorthodox ways. These tactics may work in the short term but Google can penalize your website which in-turn could be detrimental to your business online. Our team at Arbormark has ranked numerous companies the right way! Through building out our websites in a manner that is both visually appealing and appealing to the search engines. Creating content specific for certain pages and interlinking them in the correct way allow our customers to have a sturdy foundation to build upon with new service pages, city and location pages as well as blogs to really boost your website and build credibility in the local marketplace.

That’s a good question! With organic seo it takes time. SEO results on a new website or a redesigned website can take a few months to start and see a positive movement in the serps. This is where most fail. Wanting immediate results is normal but the payoff will be worth the wait when your website is ranking highly on the first page and customers start to inquire about your services. Google and other search engines must crawl your site, check it for quality and analyze the information before it can make a decision on if your content should stay, move down or up. If your competition has a properly setup website with the correct seo layout and format it could take longer. That’s why we will do a competitive analysis on your competition to see what is needed and how long it could take. While adding pages and setting up the proper seo on your tree care website utilizing PPC advertising will give an almost instant result in customers since you are “paying to play” with Google. Pay a little and gain a first level spot!

PPC or Pay Per Click is a term used to reference Google and other internet search engines paid advertising programs. To keep it simple you can “pay to play” as they say and pay for clicks and rankings for certain keywords. For instance if you wanted to be at the top of the search engine for “Arborist in {my city}” You can “bid” on that keyword. In certain locations you may have lower CPC or cost per click depending on popularity to the keyword and city size and competition. While you may have other company’s competing for the same keywords having a properly designed and branded landing page that is built specifically to that keyword will make the difference in answering the prospects questions and getting the sale.

Pay per click advertising or PPC is a great marketing and advertising tool that can be utilized on search engines such as Google. Tree care companies like you have been utilizing PPC advertising to target specific keyword searches in specific locations. If you are in Louisville, KY and service the area you can then target all people searching for “Tree care service” in that area.

If you do a search right now for your services do you show up? Are all of your competitors showing up in the top paid spot? The PPC or Ad spots are located at the very top and the very bottom of the Google search results page. Are you getting the results you need?

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