Logo Design and Branding for Tree Care Professionals

Look The Part

High Quality Graphic Design

Image is everything. You could have the best, most honest and affordable tree service company but if you do not look the part it will be much harder to grow and evolve into what you imagine.

Developing an easy to read and recognize logo and brand are key to building success and trust within your market. Having a professionally designed logo can make or break a company. Skimp on the design and you may be perceived as “cheap” and non-reliable. Invest in the right company and take time to develop your logo? That can be the turning point or boost your business needs to go onto the next level.

Building Your Brand

With Longevity in Mind

Having a properly positioned brand is key in building trust and professionalism in home service businesses. This also is true for landing local government contracts, city work, land clearing and large contractual jobs.

Put yourself in your customers shoes. They are entrusting strangers to come to their home or business and remove gigantic trees from around the property. No matter how confident you are the customer will always have a sense of doubt unless you have positioned yourself as a trusted professional tree service company. Positioning yourself as a professional and trustworthy company starts with a proper brand. Arbormark can help you establish your brand through professional logo design, print design, brand-identity and more. When you look the part your customers will feel comfortable right out of the gate.

What Are Your Pain Points?

Arbormark has the keys to correcting your brand through professional graphic design, branding and brand identity. We help you break into the market as a trusted leader.

ArborMark Elements For a Full Branding Package:

When businesses skimp on logo design, equipment wraps or decals and hold back on their digital marketing and website design this can prove disastrous for the business in the future. Having a poor brand will make it difficult to build trust in your market as well as keep your customers loyal.

We Can Help You

Connect With your Customers

Make your customers “FEEL something about your business”.

Investing in your companies brand and image is key in connecting with your customer base. Our goal is to setup a customer journey starting from the first time they lay eyes on your brand. This could be through vehicle and equipment wraps, mailers, yard signs a custom branded tree service website or your Google My Business page. We pull out all the stops and form an umbrella over your businesses brand. Let’s work together to push your brand to the top of your market!

When helping to develop and define your brand a few key areas we focus on are:

What does your business stand for? What are the values that your business lives by day in and day out? What is your why!

What are the principles that drive your business? Customer experience? Affordability? Quick response? These will impact the day to day and employees of your business which will then be recognized by your customers.

How does your company market itself in print collateral? How do you and your employees act and what kind of message do they portray? You could be proud and professional or maybe easy going and fun. Whatever you are make sure you are consistent!

We create memorable design elements such as icons, logos, signage and more to make your brand well rounded and easily recognizable.

Images, photos, designs and more. Make sure your imagery and “look” are all cohesive and complementary of each other.

Have a Competitive differentiator. What makes you YOU! What makes you different then your competition? Some examples would be “The oldest company” “Most Friendly Staff” “Happiest Employees make Happy customers” “Most Affordable” You get the idea!

Tree Care Graphic Design

Need help with updating your stationary, employee handbooks, newsletters or developing your brand across all avenues of media? Our design and branding team at ArborMark will design amazing print pieces that convey your brand and message as well as let new hires know you’re a professional career oriented company.

Postcard Mailer Design

Ready to target a specific area or neighborhood in your city? Direct mail utilizing branded postcards are a great way to really narrow in on your target market. We are able to target specific neighborhoods, zip codes and mailing routes allowing you to know exactly where your marketing dollars are going. Ask us about our design and mailing service which is a great way to expand into new areas. This goes great with your digital marketing efforts for your tree service business.

Equipment Wrap Design

Your trucks and equipment are always out and about in the city. Having your logo, branding and contact information front and center are key to completing your brand puzzle. We will work closely with your local wrap installer and make sure your equipment decals or wraps turn out at the highest level and put your brand right in front of your city.

Why Choose Us

Tree Service Branding

Our design team has years of professional experience creating full branding packages and logo designs. We know what goes into the process and what needs to happen both on the clients end, as well as our end, so we can properly convey your message. We do not simply create a logo and call it quits, we dig deep in your business and find out who you are and what makes you different.

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