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Our team knows what goes into a website and how to get the site ranking on Google. We understand the SEO items that Google looks for and how to implement them onto your new website.

Once we review your area, competition and target market we develop a custom strategy that will allow your website to rank highly on the search engines as well as the map listings. Having a well rounded website, Google My Business and backlinking system in place all works together on alerting Google that your website is live and ready for visitors.

Search Engine Optimization

What is Tree Service SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used in reference to optimizing your website to rank higher on Google and other search engines such as Bing and Edge.

Think about the yellow pages of yester-year. Even back then there were some SEO tactics used by business owners such as placing a “1” or “A” in the beginning of their business name which would rank them in alphabetical order in the section referencing their services. While that was a pretty easy way to be at the top of the specific page, now with the internet it has created a whole industry strictly based upon ranking websites higher and higher which bring in more and more visitors.

Do you have a properly optimized website? A few items that are signs your site may not be properly optimized would be:

If your site is experiencing any of the above problems you must remedy the problem ASAP!

Our SEO strategy for Tree Service Companies includes, but is not limited to:

Did you know, 90.63% of pages get no organic search traffic from Google.

Why Choose ArborMark

Your Tree Service SEO Specialist

If you are not actively working on your own site or working with a digital marketing company on your SEO strategy then you are way behind your competitors and other tree service companies.

Having a properly setup website that talks the same language to Google is paramount in performing well and ranking at the top of the search engines. Our team has ranked many websites for a wide variety of terms. We know what is needed to rank certain keywords and know exactly how the page titles, H1, H2, H3 tags need to be written to outrank your competitors.

There is no guarantee in ranking on Google, ArborMark does guarantee that we will push 110% effort through your website to rank as high as we can on maps and search engine results page.

With 93% of online experience beginning with a search engine having your website as close to the top is paramount in having a successful marketing strategy as well as being able to conform to digital marketing in almost all businesses.

With 75% of online searchers not clicking to the second page in the Google search results, this would be a great place to hide a dead body, but not so much your businesses website. Having a properly planned SEO strategy with on-page SEO, backlinking and constant updating is paramount in the success of your digital marketing strategy.

That’s the magic question. Back when the internet started taking off for businesses it was simple to rank on the first page. Keyword stuffing and having a mass quantity of content had you ranking a site in no time. After multiple years and updates after updates through Google it has become as hard as ever to rank your tree care website on the first page.

You may have heard about many “black hat” tactics which would include buying links, tricking the search engines and tweaking your site in unorthodox ways. These tactics may work in the short term but Google can penalize your website which in-turn could be detrimental to your business online. Our team at ArborMark has ranked numerous companies the right way! Through building out our websites in a manner that is both visually appealing and appealing to the search engines. Creating content specific for certain pages and interlinking them in the correct way allow our customers to have a sturdy foundation to build upon with new service pages, city and location pages as well as blogs to really boost your website and build credibility in the local marketplace.

Around 47% of consumers will view or interact with at least 3 pieces of content created by the company before talking with a salesperson or inputting contact information. Having proper and informational blogs, service pages and more all feed to that content and will better your chances of landing a new customer.

Besides having your site ranking on the first page we look at other KPI’s or key performance indicators. We setup your website with Google Analytics and Search Console so we can check out the traffic, bounce rate and more on your site. This allows us to check for any issues or “bad” pages that potential customers maybe visiting and quickly backing out of the site. We build your new tree care website with proper SEO in mind but we are always testing and tweaking to out finesse the competition.

That’s a good question! With organic SEO it takes time. SEO results on a new website or a redesigned website can take a few months to start and see a positive movement in the serps. This is where most fail. Wanting immediate results is normal but the payoff will be worth the wait when your website is ranking highly on the first page and customers start to inquire about your services. Google and other search engines must crawl your site, check it for quality and analyze the information before it can make a decision on if your content should stay, move down or up.

If your competition has a properly setup website with the correct SEO layout and format it could take longer. That’s why we will do a competitive analysis on your competition to see what is needed and how long it could take. While adding pages and setting up the proper seo on your tree care website utilizing PPC advertising will give an almost instant result in customers since you are “paying to play” with Google. Pay a little and gain a first level spot!

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