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What Is PPC Advertising?

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is a term used to reference Google and other internet search engines paid advertising programs.

To keep it simple you can “pay to play” as they say and pay for clicks and rankings for certain keywords. For instance if you wanted to be at the top of the search engine for “Arborist in {my city}” You can “bid” on that keyword. In certain locations you may have lower CPC or cost per click depending on popularity to the keyword and city size and competition. While you may have other company’s competing for the same keywords having a properly designed and branded landing page that is built specifically to that keyword will make the difference in answering the prospects questions and getting the sale.

pay per click advertising

Why Do I Need

pay per click for Tree Service Companies

Pay Per Click advertising or PPC is a great marketing and advertising tool that can be utilized on search engines such as Google. Tree care companies like you have been utilizing PPC advertising to target specific keyword searches in specific locations. If you are in Louisville, KY and service the area you can then target all people searching for “Tree care service” in that area.

If you do a search right now for your services do you show up? Are all of your competitors showing up in the top paid spot? The PPC or Ad spots are located at the very top and the very bottom of the Google search results page. Are you getting the results you need? Is your tree care seo enough?

Why run PPC campaigns on Google?

Running PPC campaigns on Google is a great way attain new customers show and up for commonly searched keywords in your area such as:

Online is where over half your customer base is each and every day. Don’t you want to be where your customer base is? Let’s partner together and see how we can make your company what you have always dreamed.

How much AD spend money do Tree Care companies need to spend.

This is a bit of a loaded question. This can depend upon your location as well as the competition in your area. We like to start at a conservative number and increase it as needed. We can start around $20-$30 per day which would roughly equate to about $750-$1000 per month. This is on the lower end when some locations may need to spend double if not more.

 This may seem like a large amount to some, although if you spend $1000 in advertising and get multiple $1000 or $2000 jobs from those leads you can have a fairly high ROI. Invest in your advertising!

Did you know up to 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on search pages?

How To Benefit!

Successful Tree Care Pay per click Advertising

Tree service businesses working in target markets can benefit from PPC campaigns by paying to be at the top result of Google as well as across various websites that show Google display ADs.

Google display ADs are seen on various websites news, weather, local websites etc. This is a great way to have a visual AD for your business. You can utilize display ads by retargeting consumers who have visited your website or past customers who may have landed on your quote page or other pages on your tree care website. Display ads work great with a strong SEO and website as well as paid search. Utilizing paid ads on google for your tree care company can truly catapult your business by feeding you a steady stream of potential customers. Between our strong “branding first” approach with your website and digital marketing efforts you will be king of your city for tree service-related searches.

Our PPC Features Included in every PPC plan:

All this and a whole lot more! We promote your brand to attract customers not just leads. Let’s develop a killer PPC plan that your competition will wish they had.

ppc landing page

Our PPC plans are well thought out and created with some of the best design, testing and conversion.

What makes us different? We put your company, people, and brand on every PPC landing page campaign so you can instantly connect with potential clients. No more will customers land on a bland landing page with 0 photos or people. Our landing pages are setup to pre-position the visitor to buy and recognize your brand. We also create our landing pages with full ad copy, images, forms and more. Ask us how we can rule your market with Arbormark PPC campaigns today.

Working With ArborMark

Reach New Heights

Adding PPC, SEO, Local SEO, Custom tree care website design, content creation and print advertising together will make your tree care company a force to be reckoned with in your market. Let’s talk and see how the team at ArborMark can help you build your client base through digital and print advertising today. 

75% of people say paid ads make it easier to find the information they are searching for. (, 2018)

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