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Customized Plans & Pricing For Your Tree Service Business

ArborMark: Tree Service Marketing Plans

ready to get growing?

ArborMark offers the full marketing package. We have broken the mold and are offering a full service, customized marketing strategy, for a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house employees.

You get amazing results with a dedicated team of marketing professionals who understand your industry and can speak your language. Our full marketing package is a must have for businesses who have tried Angies List, Home Advisor, Hibu, Revlocal and other large online marketing companies and are looking for a more personal experience. We are different because we focus on building your business with a strong foundation, which starts with a fully custom and branded website using your brand, images, people and photographs. When we build an ArborMark website you 100% own the rights and never have to “buy back” or abandon all of your hard earned work. 

No more renting websites, guessing at PPC or blindly throwing your marketing dollars at some company.

tree service marketing pricing


Working with Arbormark and our professional full time graphic designer will give your business the professional appearance not only online but in print. Ask about our graphic design and logo services for tree care companies. Graphic design is included in our full packages.


Our websites are built to convert and keep you on the first page of search engines. We not only build custom websites, but we create websites that convert visitors into customers and pre-position them to contact you.


Having a new website with no on-page or off-page SEO can keep your site off the first page indefinitely. We are constantly changing and updating your site to keep rankings moving in the right direction.


Having a properly positioned brand is key in building trust and professionalism in home service businesses in your local community.

  • Logo Development
  • Company Values/Voice
  • Branded Imagery
  • Print Material
  • 100% You


Your Website is one of the most important pieces of your marketing plan. Build trust and have a 24/7 sales person showcasing your brand.

  • Branded Website
  • WordPress Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Creation
  • 100% Owned by you


82% of consumers read online reviews for businesses before making a decision. Our system increases your reviews and helps make you the right choice compared to your local competition

  • Review Software
  • SMS and Email Capabilities
  • Google & Facebook Connect
  • Automated System

Content Marketing

Developing compelling and exciting content can be both difficult and time consuming. We develop specific pieces of content for your tree care website to help build credibility and trust within your business. Answer the consumers questions before they ever speak with you! Proper content marketing is key in a well-rounded SEO campaign.

Paid Ads

Paying for the top spot in search or maps can be key to really steamrolling over your competition on search engines. Between Google search ads and display ads your visitors will have no choice other then to choose you.

Traditional Advertising

Ready to utilize mailers, billboards or vehicle wraps? Our Marketing package includes graphic design hours to help you complete your marketing plan with print advertising to show your brand across all avenues of media.

Google Maps

Showing in the maps section in Google is critical in targeting areas around your business location and town. We setup, manage and post on your businesses GMB profile adding another tool in our arsenal.

Email Marketing

We help develop email campaigns to past customers letting them know when they are due for service such as mulch, trunk injection, grub control, pest control, trimming and more. These emails are key in promoting repetitive business and keeping customers for life. Increase your customer lifetime value with Arbormark email marketing.

Reputation Management

Having a positive and active online reputation is paramount for businesses today. Our system increases your reviews and helps make you the right choice compared to your local competition.

Ready To Step Up & Stop Stalling?

How We Get you there

Just What Your Tree Company Needs
Free Brand Overview Call
Our initial call is a great way to introduce ourselves to each other, and learn more about your company and what you want to achieve not only in your business but in life. It's easy for us to say we are different but we are divergent

During This Call We Will:
  • Ask you questions regarding your business
  • See what has or has not worked
  • Learn about your goals, (short term, long term)
  • See if we are a good fit for eachother
  • Better understand exactly what YOU want
  • Ask us any questions you have
  • Actually Listen
  • Custom Marketing Plan
    After our first call, if we sound like a good fit, we will take what we learned from the call and put together a custom marketing plan for your business.

    During the presentation we will go over:
  • Review Brand Identity🤟
  • Focus on Organic Strategy
  • Review Paid Advertising
  • Online Keyword Analysis
  • Run Reports🤟
  • Review Your Website Optimization
  • Review Your Website Conversion
  • Provide A Custom Marketing Strategy & Cost
  • Give You A Roadmap To Meet Your Goals

    After our presentation we will present you with a few options on what direction we can go. Every Tree Company is Different, why settle for a cookie cutter marketing template?
  • Onboarding
    Once you say YES to growing your business we get started immediatly. Getting access to accounts, putting strategy together and laying out a short term and long term game plan is what's on the menu. Get ready because you are involved every step of the way.
    P.S - Don't worry we take over after everything is rolling.
    Get To Work Fast
    Once we have established what all will be involved in your Marketing Plan, we start implementing those strategies as quickly as possible. Organic growth takes time so we want you to get a ROI FAST! Most plans utilize organic, paid, on-site & off-site, and other strategies to meet your goals. Your website and branding will play a pivotal role in your marketing; What makes you stand out, why someone should choose you and more! ArborMark can help you effectively communicate these questions.
    Goals! Growth! More Jobs!
    After we start implementing our marketing plan strategies we are focused on your business and the importance of hitting your goals. We will be in constant contact with you, updating you with analytics, ideas, and helping you develop your business to give you the life you have always wanted.

    We want you to have:
  • More Freedom✅
  • More Time⌛
  • More Revenue📈
  • Less Headache😃
  • Less Stress 🔓

    When YOU win WE win!🏆
  • Overtake Competition
    We dont stop at a new website and marketing strategy. As time moves forward and we hit goals and markers we will be with you every step of the way for handling the extra business, leads, brand recognition and success.

    You will receive:
  • 1 on 1 help
  • Full access to our small team
  • 24 hour or less responses
  • 24/7 Response
  • 100% Ownership In Everything We Create
  • Ongoing Adjustments
  • A Full Marketing Team
  • A Partner For The Life Of Your Business
  • Ready To Talk Now? Schedule A Time Below.

    Your Investment

    Our Pricing

    ArborMark is committed to being transparent, honest and truly invested in the success of your tree care business. We strive for quality over quantity and want to be an integral part in the success of your business.

    At ArborMark we work with you and your team to develop strategies that praise what is working and place emphasis on what could be improved. One thing is for sure, when you work with the team at ArborMark you will be getting a customized marketing plan that you, your team and ArborMark is in control of. 

    Our strategies may include website, PPC, Mailers, SEO, Email, Videography and more. Since there are so many different scenarios of marketing services, the best way to get a firm price on your companies marketing needs will be to have an in-depth conversation with our team. This will allow us to learn about where your marketing is struggling and where Arbormark can fit in to help.

    We offer a few different paths depending on where you are in your business, with projects starting at $4,500. We offer:

    • Start-up Branding & Foundation Websites
    • Website Build-outs
    • Monthly plans


    This is an estimate and will be different for each company. Just remember you are not getting just one person working on your companies marketing. You are receiving the expertise and dedication of our whole team and partners who will not only advise you but will also be performing the work. Let’s get growing!

    With ArborMark, you don’t just get our monthly services, you get more!

    Our monthly plans are tailored to your business and your needs. You can take a look at the examples to see how Company A and Company B tree care business marketing plans would differ with the services we can provide on a monthly basis.

    Ready to get a strategy in place? Contact our team today. Arbormark is here!

    Tree Care Company A

    Monthly Services Provided
    • Branding
    • Website
    • SEO
    • Blog
    • Pay Per Click
    • Reputation
    • Google My Business
    • Print Material
    • Graphic Design

    Tree Care Company B

    Monthly Services Provided
    • Branding
    • Website
    • SEO
    • Blog
    • Pay Per Click
    • Reputation
    • Google My Business
    • Print Material
    • Graphic Design

    Is my company ready for a marketing retainer model?

    Not every business fits the bill. Check out a few ways below to find out if you’re a good fit.

    • Your business can afford the marketing retainer.
    • You are looking at long-term success.
    • You are ready to invest in your business.
    • You will work with the agency not against it.
    • You are an established tree care company

    Arbormark requires a 6 month commitment for all retainer services. After 6 months we will work month to month. This allows us to put forth the effort needed to expand your marketing services as well as a trial period to make sure we are a great fit. Remember we focus on quality not quantity here at Arbormark. We are in it for the long haul!

    A Better Choice

    Why Hire a Tree Care Marketing Comapny?

    There are many advantages to partnering with an agency like ArborMark for your tree care company marketing needs.

    Hiring an experienced marketing or business development person in-house can be costly. But working with ArborMark can be significantly less and you’ll get more for your money. We are not just your marketing expert, we are your web designer, graphic designer, SEO experts, PPC specialists and more!

    The Process is Easy

    Get Started Today

    Work with a truly professional marketing team and build the brand your competitors will envy. Our team works closely with you and your staff to implement a marketing strategy that puts your brand first!

    Don’t worry- developing a marketing strategy can be a daunting task but our team is ready and eager to make this easy, stress-free and fast. Here are the steps on how to work with Arbormark!

    Before You Go!

    Unlock 3 Free Marketing Tools 👇

    1. Social Media Calendar Planner
    2. Top Tree Service Keywords
    3. Free Local Map Rankings Search