Branding For Tree Companies (The Basics)

Nick Kurnik

October 19, 2022

tree service branding

What is Branding and Why Should I Care If I Run A Tree Service Business?

Hey, I’m Amber with ArborMark. I’m the graphic design, website design and brand specialist here. I wanted to make a quick post going over what is branding, how you utilize it within your company and why it’s important for your Tree Care Business.

The official definition of branding is… “The promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.”


So what all is encompassing in your branding?

  • Logo
  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Supporting graphics patterns
  • Icons
  • Imagery
  • Uniforms
  • Truck Graphics

Then what is your message? What is your company’s mission, your values, your vision?  How are you communicating that throughout all your material? So on your website, how you’re communicating, your professionalism, what is your unique positioning? Next would be print. So your uniform, truck, graphics, business cards, brochures, any postcard mailings that you’re doing, any piece of material that someone is going to have in hand.

Remember that your social media postings and your use of video and photography as well is important!

So why is branding important for your tree care company? I like to say that the quality of your brand is going to impact the quality of your leads. You want to attract the right clientele to your business, and your brand will play a huge role in that.


So what can you do on your own right now to make sure that you’re utilizing your brand to its potential? Take inventory of everything that you have that is client facing. Make sure everything is cohesive and presenting your brand messaging and unique position. Make sure everything is “matching” and really telling your story, your unique positioning and presenting you all as the professional tree service company in your target area.


And that’s just a quick little write up about what is branding and why it’s important for your tree care company. Look out for more videos, and blogs about graphic design and branding from me! Amber!

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